A chef walks into S&S

Photo courtesy of Dayton.com and Tom Gilliam Photography

Photo courtesy of Dayton.com and Tom Gilliam Photography

As we did last year, we happily kicked off 2018 with the Dayton BBQ Rodeo at Yellow Cab Tavern (Thanks to Jeff and Smokin' Bee-Bee-Q!)

This year was a little different. Not only did we have a year under our belt, and the truck at our disposal, but Tim’s brother, Tom, joined us for the first time.

The great thing about that is Tom is an experienced chef who’s been at place in town like Rue Dumaine (many years ago), and more recently Table 3, Bistro 360 and Rolf and Daughters in Nashville.

It’s safe to say myself (a digital marketer) and Tim (cabinet maker and general maintenance man) don’t have anything close to that kind of kitchen experience.

Tom drove the 5 hours on Friday night and helped us trim some brisket, checked out the truck and watched us begin the process of throwin’ 150 lbs of meat on the smoker. But - he was ready for some sleep.

Fast Forward 10 hours or so later and it was go time. Only this year instead of 70 degrees and zero clouds, it was monsoon season.

The good news is that meant Tom had plenty of time to talk to us in the kitchen, rearrange our prep table and storage and talk conceptually about how we serve people.

The outcome: a way better, more efficient setup. More importantly having someone with that culinary education (Le Cordon Bleu) and over a decade of experience opened our mind in ways books and hours of YouTube videos could never provide.

The 2017 season taught us the importance of consistency. This summer we're not working on a truck still, so look out for a diversity of treats.  That is including but not limited to - tacos, (pulled pork) cubans, corn cakes, elotes,  mac n' cheese (finally), and some sort of cheesy potato dish.

We're overwhelmed by the coninuous stream of gracious comments and barbecue conversations we're blessed to have with you all. People coming back out in the rain to tell us,  "That's the best brisket around here," is not something we take lightly. That's the only reason we want to do it.  

Hopefully you'll join us May 12 at DK Effect and try some! Until then, we'll just dream with you of more beef ribs...