What We Learned...

Saturday was an amazing spring day, and we are beyond thankful for your presence, your business, and taking the time to talk bbq, smoker building and the future. We really wish we had time to talk more.

      Photo by  Tom Gilliam  and  Dayton.com

      Photo by Tom Gilliam and Dayton.com

Our favorite part about being a bbq business is we get to cook what we love, and just be ourselves.

We’re both the type of people who want to dive right in, and Saturday was definitely baptism by fire. We’re no rookies at cooking barbecue, but usually for a set time or event, and not on demand. Doing a large event like the Dayton Barbecue Rodeo brought us many valuable teaching moments.

We learned how much we look forward to weekends in Huffman because we love bbq, but we love talking to people about bbq as much if not more. We believe in fresh off the smoker (NEVER touching an oven or slow cooker), sliced to order barbecue and are happy to continue perfecting that.

We learned how awesome the Dayton food scene is. We received so many, very generous comments. We ran out of business cards, and received lots of questions about our future setup, and if we cater. We take pride in our food, but we were honestly blown away by your feedback.

We learned our craft is sacred, and to never jeopardize it. After our early brisket, we were getting comments that truly made us blush.  

We had people coming to us just on word-of-mouth from that day. We made the mistake of taking orders for brisket that still had some time to go to reach the magic temperature.  At that point, usually we would let that brisket rest a good 30 minutes at minimum. Under pressure, we took it off the smoker and sliced it up to meet that need.

We’ll NEVER do that again. We can’t take payment for food that’s not ready, but we WILL make sure that brisket (and any meal) is exactly where it needs to be because we don’t ever want to serve bbq we’re not in love with.

In fact - if you’re one of the 15 who ordered brisket between 2-3 p.m., we’ll be happy to treat you to half-off your next meal with us.

We’re born and bred Daytonians who’ve immersed ourselves in Dayton’s barbecue history. We’ve found a great neighborhood on the rise that’s committed to making Dayton better.  We call ourselves Dayton’s Own BBQ because this barbecue isn’t about a particular style, it’s about Dayton...which means it’s about of you.

Hopefully for our next blog post we’ll have a finished truck, and a date for when we’ll be cooking up bbq!